Hi, my name is Michael Strobel. I am a guitarist, singer and composer.

My professional career started in August 2000 and I have played thousands of gigs since, in many different countries and as part of many different bands.

Sometimes theses gigs were concerts with well known artists, but most gigs in the early stages of my career were in pubs, bars, town parties and such.

I learnt how to sing in the French Alps, when Jim Garret invited me to play with him in the ski resorts of the Trois Vallees region. He taught me the ABC of singing and making music as a businnes in his own special way, and how to play three gigs a day, some of which were outside on top of a glacier.

In 2005 I started to play with the legendary Joe Schwarz Orchester on the Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart´s own Oktoberfest. During this gig I learnt, amongst other things, how to sight read and how to play for 11 hours a day, 17 days straight. An extremely educational time. Well, extreme anyhow.

Out of this band, a new band came into being, a seven piece outfit that I still play with a lot today – The Ingrid Schwarz Band. We played in the circus, on cruise ships, a lot of private functions, many, MANY, Galas and parties all over Germany.

At the same time, the rythmn section of the Ingrid Schwarz Band became ‚The Strobez‚. In 2006 I moved to Amsterdam, where The Strobez started to play in the Bourbon Street and in Rotterdam – in the legendary Paddy Murphy´s, which led to an almost endless run of clubgigs that took us to Holland, Belgium, France, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We have released our debut album in 2006 and our second album in 2017.

In the meantime I played with Dodokay´s band ‚Welcome to the pleasuredome‚ which eventually led me to meet Freiburg based drummer Schröder and his immense creative environment. I am very happy and proud to be part of that sometimes.

I was born in 1980, I am father to one son and two daughters and I live in the South of Germany.


I am the singer and guitarist of The Strobez. Our last album „Watch me fly“ has been released in 2017. All original songs, all Rock. For more Info click here. Get the album on iTunes, Amazon or check it out on Spotify.

I am part of a collective of musicians that calls itself „Tone‘ Board Bros. Inc.“ For more info click -> here.

We constantly release new music. You can listen to  it on

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-> Youtube

I am the singer and guitarist of „Sharova“, a band with my wife Barbora. More info -> here.

Our latest release can be found -> here.

I am the singer and guitarist of the „Ingrid Schwarz Band“. We started playing together in 2005 and have done many, many gigs together. Mostly in suit and tie, but also in Lederhosen and Jeans. Click -> here.

I am part of the cirque noveau ensmble „hyrrä paratiisi“. Click -> here.