I am a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Having been on the road for the past 20 years I was seen fronting rock bands, backing up country singers, sharing the stage with rappers, jazzers, hipsters and hippies, playing in theatre orchestra pits, on circus bandstands, beertents, casinos and rockclubs or singing your favorite songs in your local pub.

I was born in 1980, I am father to one son and two daughters and I live in the South of Germany.

I am the singer and guitarist of The Strobez. Our last album „Watch me fly“ has been released in 2017. All original songs, all Rock. For more Info click here. Get the album on iTunes, Amazon or check it out on Spotify.

I am part of a collective of musicians that calls itself „Tone‘ Board Bros. Inc.“ For more info click -> here.                                                                                      We constantly release new music. You can listen to  it on                                    -> Bandcamp                                                                                                                   -> Spotify                                                                                                                          -> Amazon                                                                                                                       -> Apple Music                                                                                                                -> Youtube

I am the singer and guitarist of „Sharova“, a band with my wife Barbora. More info -> here.

I am the singer and guitarist of the „Ingrid Schwarz Band“. We started playing together in 2005 and have done many, many gigs together. Mostly in suit and tie, but also in Lederhosen and Jeans. Click -> here.

I have done and still do many other things as well, I hope to mention them here at some later point.


Currently we have no events.